2014 Goals: Halfway There

The lovely Pole Dancing Bloggers decided to remind us all the year is over halfway gone with July’s blog hop. What? How did that happen? I hate how time seems to go by faster the older I get.

So it’s time to revisit my 2014 goals. Yikes. I don’t think I’ve made much, if any, progress at all. Let’s see:

1. Right splits
No progress. 😦 I just hate stretching my right side SO MUCH! I know I need to though.

2. Middle splits
Getting better. I’m consistently just an inch or two from completely flat and can fake a roll-through.

3. 10″  left oversplits/easily opening into flat splits in the air
Well, my left oversplit is looking pretty good (I think three yoga blocks equals 12″?). I haven’t taken a recent picture of my aerial splits, but I’m hoping they’re flatter due to my easier flat splits and oversplits.


4. Regain back flexibility to the point where my right foot can touch my head again
I don’t think my right foot is quite there, but my back flexibility has definitely improved.

5. Marion Amber
I haven’t tried it recently. I’ll have to try it and take a video to see what’s going on there.

6. More comfortable with off the pole dancing/floorwork
I think I’ve gotten better? I still gravitate to the pole but I’m pretty comfortable rolling around on the floor. Now I need to focus on other dance moves besides forward rolls, back rolls, and writhing…

7. Aerial handspring
I have it if I totally cheat and push off the pole with a foot! While I have made a teensy bit of progress, this one is going to take a lot of work.

The hardest ones for me are my right split (why? why is this so hard to get anywhere close to flat when I have a foot of oversplit on my left?!), my back flexibility (stretching is just so uncomfortable), and my aerial handspring (I just don’t have the strength). It’s time for me to really focus on those three in particular and suck it up!

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