Lioness – Sarah Fimm | BSB 2014 Part 2!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.19.58 PMIs there a sexier song than “Lioness”? If there is, I want to know about it! I see this song every so often around the pole world and funnily enough, it’s usually someone posting on someone else’s Facebook page: “what was that lioness song we danced to last night?” The always-incredible Tracee Kafer choreographed a routine to it several years ago, Dakota Fox performed a freestyle to it last year, and while writing this post, I just discovered this fantastically choreographed routine at an Italian pole studio almost exactly a year ago. This isn’t a new song, but it’s an amazing one!

I choreographed movement to the entire song, but I wanted it to look a little messy and not perfect as a group, more like a writhing mass of bodies moving in their own ways to the music. I knew I couldn’t just put the song on and yell “Freestyle, go!” so I wanted to have something for people to focus on, movement-wise, but have room to interpret it themselves and move as the music led them. We all hear beats in different places and move through choreography in a different way, and what is sexier than putting on some ridiculously steamy music and letting yourself go? It’s hard to just 100% let go, however, so a little guidance can be helpful.

I really love how this routine turned out. Even though it’s slow, we were all dripping sweat and exhausted by the end of the class. I think we had a successful Bringing Sexy Back 2014: thank you, United Pole Artists!

Definitely search YouTube for Bringing Sexy Back 2014 to see tons of super sexy videos from polers of all levels all over the world!


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