Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 1.00.06 PM

The next two weeks are United Pole Artists’ Bringing Sexy Back week (fortnight?) and I’m super excited! A big part of what I love about pole dancing is the ability to be sexy in a place where it’s accepted and comfortable. I get to play out my attention-seeking tendencies in a safe atmosphere with no judgment. However, I also love dancing for reasons other than to seduce and show off, which is why I try to include all different types of music and routines in my poleography class. Since I knew the next two weeks are going to be super sexy, I wanted this week’s routine to be focused more on dance and emotion than body rolls and booty shaking.

I love this song and I’m surprised I haven’t done a routine to it earlier, but I think it’s because the pole and aerial worlds were so saturated with it that I didn’t want to hear it anymore. Bittersweet’s performance group performed to it at a fashion show, and often after performing to a song, you get totally sick of it. But when I started thinking about a dramatic song for a routine, this is the first one that came to mind, so I went with it. It’s not a long or complicated routine, but it’s kind of nice to do something simple and different every once in a while.


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