Skinny Love – Birdy


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When I first started hearing this song on the radio, I swore I’d heard it years ago when I first started to pole and I was confused as to why it was just now becoming popular. I looked it up, and it was released in 2011, so I’m not going crazy! I’m still not sure why it had a resurgence, but it’s a beautiful song, so I’m not complaining.

I know I’ve said this before, but just to reiterate, I try to do one sexy and/or upbeat song followed by a slower/more contemporary dance so we can explore different kinds of movement as well as cater to the students who prefer one style over the other. I think a lot of beginner pole students and students aren’t in it to ever perform or compete generally tend to prefer the fun sexy dances and more serious polers are looking for dance and floorwork they can incorporate into a competition routine.

There are quite a few pole moves that require skin, but I wanted to explore some floor movement using socks and covered legs. After going through any routine several times, we all get super sweaty and that leads to getting stuck while trying to move on the floor. Wearing clothes and socks keeps the movement more fluid and creates new challenges (pushing off the floor into the spins was interesting!). I particularly liked pushing up onto the tops of my toes and scootching back.

I recorded myself once I had finalized the routine, mostly so I could remember it, and partly so I could compare what happened in class to my original idea. Generally very little changes, but I like seeing how different people interpret moves and when to hit certain poses.


2 thoughts on “Skinny Love – Birdy

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