National Aerial Pole Art Thoughts

topsoftoesI had the wonderful opportunity to go to Los Angeles and compete in the National Aerial Pole Art Championship on May 18th. I had applied for the Neo division on a whim back in February and found out I had made it in about two weeks before the Florida Pole Fitness Championship, which was on March 15th. I got married on April 12th, so I didn’t have a lot of time to put together a routine. I really wanted to have a theme for my routine, so I found some music and edited two pieces together: My Jolly Sailor Bold from The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and a random song I came across in my YouTube searches, something called Siren’s Call. I really loved my music, especially because it was so different from anything I’ve performed to before.

I put together the routine in just a few days over the course of a few weeks, and while it wasn’t the most complicated, I’m pretty proud of it. I went into the competition solely to have fun because I didn’t have any intentions of placing: this was my first national competition! I knew the only way I’d really be able to let go and perform was if I had no expectations for the competition. I was calm backstage and feeling good after the warm-up time, when I didn’t have any grip and was still able to do all my moves, even the one I’d never accomplished without DryHands before. The poles felt great and all the other competitors were friendly and encouraging.

downsplit I didn’t watch the competitors before me (I was 6th out of 12 in my division) but I did watch all my competitors after me and everyone in the other divisions. It was very apparent who was going to win my division, even without seeing the girls  before me: Maggie Ann’s performance was fantastic. She did the same (or perhaps modified) routine she did for APC, and it was just incredible. I was not particularly impressed by any of the doubles routines, but I’m glad that category was included because it’s totally different from solo performances.

When it came to the All-Star categories, there was no contest as to who won: MoNika Ell’s performance was just mind-blowing, and Sasja Lee left no doubt in anyone’s mind that she had won. I even posted on Facebook right after her routine that she killed it. 🙂 By the end of the evening, it was midnight local time and 3:00 am for me, so I was exhausted, but I am so glad I went. It was amazing to be backstage with such great pole stars and meet some wonderful people. Amanda Rose was so sweet and has such a positive attitude, even after suffering a terrible fall that broke both her feet, among other injuries.

hair Here’s my routine! My bottoms were the NoStringz short from DerbySkinz (they’re amazing, and I want approximately 20 more in various patterns), and my top was from Dancewear Solutions that I glued hundreds of rhinestones to. I love how the rhinestones looked on stage and will definitely be doing that again for future performances!


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