I Confess – k.d. lang

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I tend to stick to the same kinds of music when I work on choreography for class, so I always appreciate it when I get song requests that are out of my comfort zone. My friend Annie, whom I met in college and now teaches at the high school I graduated from, suggested this song last week and I decided to go with it. I couldn’t really get a good feel for the song, for some reason: it just wouldn’t stay in my head, so I had a hard time getting deep enough into it for creative movement, but I kind of like going back to the basics every now and then. It’s nice to have simple, beginner-level moves put together in a sequence because the moves themselves don’t require much thought and I can focus on making them beautiful and controlled. I’m all about controlling and flowing through moves, and it’s necessary to master that with the simple moves first before trying it with more complicated tricks.


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