Talk Show Host – Radiohead

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I’ve been looking for music for my NAPA piece and was listening to different movie soundtracks for inspiration. I was listening to the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet and heard this song. I knew I wouldn’t use it for my routine, but I liked it and thought it would be perfect for an Alethea-inspired piece for my pole performance class, which is very similar to the poleography class, except at a higher level of moves. My poleography class is for students in Pole .5 and up, while pole performance is for students in Pole 1 and up. Students start inverting in Pole 1 so I can put in some more advanced moves for my pole performance class routines.

There’s nothing ground-breaking or super exciting about this routine, but I wanted to focus on control and intentionality of all movement. I didn’t want any falling into or out of moves, whether it was a simple step or coming down from up on the pole. I think it’s harder to move slowly and purposefully, but I think it’s a good exercise in thinking about movement.

I loved that the boys made make-shift wigs for hair tosses and took the idea of the piece seriously. Tyler, the boy on the left, had never taken a choreographed class before and I like that he continued bicycle legs throughout his freestyle after the choreographed part finished at 2:23. Paul put his own spin on the moves, as always. The girls were beautiful and controlled in their heels, which isn’t easy, and had some great freestyle combos. Everyone did such a great job in this class!


2 thoughts on “Talk Show Host – Radiohead

  1. I just love these posts every time, Katie! Every time, they remind me that we very badly need to catch up! I’m considering taking a pole class here eventually, but I am still too scared!

    Also, do you take song requests? Lol! I have two suggestions at least. One was my favorite obscure make-out song in high school (Reactor – Feeling the Love), and the other is a random fun one by KD Lang, of all artists (I Confess – KD Lang and the Siss Boom Bang). Just in case you’re looking for a challenge. ;o) Bye love!

    • Aw yay! And yes, we definitely need to catch up. You have to take a pole class: don’t be afraid, they’re not scary! Everyone I’ve met at pole studios is super nice, and your first class shouldn’t be overwhelming.
      I absolutely take song requests! I love being challenged by songs I wouldn’t normally choose. I’ll take any you have! I’ll check out these two and see what I can do. 🙂 I miss you! I’m going to be dragging Justin to Ohio at some point (he’s never been!), probably to Miami as well as Troy, so we’ll get together then. You’re ALWAYS welcome to come visit us in Florida: his (and soon to be mine as well) house is 15 minutes from the beach.

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