Florida Pole Fitness Championship Thoughts

Sigh… So I wish I’d done better on Saturday. I had multiple run-throughs that were much more on point and it’s so frustrating to know I could’ve had a better performance but I just didn’t. I somehow didn’t get a trick that I’ve done dozens of times with no problem: it wasn’t even one of the moves I was worried about. Other moves I just had the wrong angle on, or they looked a little unstable.

Here’s a video I took of a run-through more than a week before the competition:

I’m so much happier with that performance than I am with Saturday night’s, which is more frustrating than anything. I don’t know if it was nerves, or slightly slippery poles, or what, but it just wasn’t that on point on for the actual competition. Here’s the video of my performance:

Sigh… again. I see so much room for improvement. My eye contact, facial expressions and emotion were all better – during the movement part in the middle I found the judges and stared directly at them – but the actual pole part was disappointing, especially falling out of the move at 3:15. GAH! I’ve done that so many times!

The good thing is I used the practice routine to submit to National Aerial Pole Art and I got into the Neo division! That competition is in Los Angeles on May 18th, so I have two months to come up with an awesome routine and nail a great performance of it. I’m excited for the challenge and hope I can make myself proud up on that stage.

Other than my disappointing performance, the FPFC was awesome! It was better-run than the past 2 years as Allison Sipes, the founder, gets into the groove of heading a major competition. Everything was on time, even a little ahead of time at points, and I didn’t experience any negativity from anyone, either event organizers or other competitors. I’m a bit annoyed that one of the competitors walked offstage after slipping out of several moves and was given a chance to go again later: yes, the poles were slightly slippery that night. Several people slipped out of moves, but that’s competition for you. I think that if you give up a minute into your routine because you were slipping, that should be it. I’m sure other competitors would’ve liked a second chance as well, but the one who was given a second chance (after a thorough pole cleaning with a different cleaner), ended up winning second place and most athletic. That situation is my only gripe with how the competition went. The competitor absolutely deserved second place with her routine and abilities, but the fact that she gave up and walked off during her first run-through means that she couldn’t work through the same difficulties that other competitors did, even though they didn’t place.

It was wonderful meeting some of the other competitors I hadn’t met before, since the professional and men’s divisions were open nation-wide. The winner of the women’s professional division, Anna Elise Bowman, is from North Carolina, and the third place winner, Shaina Cruea, is from New York City. The winner of the men’s division, MoNika Ell, is from Oregon. I will see MoNika again in May for NAPA, and I’m excited to meet a whole new group of incredible performers there!


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