Simba Confronts Scar – The Lion King Broadway Musical

Oh yes, I totally put together a routine to a song from a Broadway musical. It all goes back to high school, when I was in the marching band. We marched to the music of The Lion King during my sophomore or junior year, and like any music I’ve had to listen to hundreds of times while practicing, I got completely sick of it. I did buy the soundtrack though, because there were some awesome pieces of music on it. Last week when I was in the studio thinking about what song to choreograph, I started thinking about Disney songs: A Whole New World just wasn’t working for me, and neither was The Colors of the Wind. Then I remembered The Lion King musical: perfect! I found this song and was immediately inspired.

I’m always trying to do something different, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much. I love the sexy flirty side of pole routines, but I know not everyone does, plus I don’t want to do the same thing all the time. I’ve done sad, contemplative, slow, emotional, sexy, sassy, flirty… I hadn’t done anything totally different.

Simba’s part was easier to portray for me, but I knew a lot of people would enjoy being Scar. I recorded myself playing each part but since I put it together by myself, I didn’t have anyone else to fight with so I wasn’t sure how it would actually work out. I knew that in order for the routine to work, people would have to really go for it, which is hard for anyone who isn’t 100% comfortable with themselves, especially in a performance-type situation. For many people, acting is the hardest part of pole dancing: I know it’s hard for me. I’m slowly getting better at it as I work specifically on portraying a story for the audience, but it’s not easy.

In the video, the Simbas are on the left and the Scars are on the right. I don’t think this routine worked out as well as it did in my head (especially when I look kind of silly fighting my invisible Scar), but I’m proud of everyone in the class for humoring me and trying something totally different!


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