Chelsea – Stefy Freestyle Pole Performance


I had the fun opportunity to go to Tampa this past weekend to visit Buttercup Pole Dance for their 2nd anniversary. I first met Sarah Jade when I competed in the first Florida Pole Fitness Championship in March 2012. I knew very little about the pole world and didn’t know that she’d already competed in the USPDF or that she was insanely flexible. I just knew that she was one of the sweetest girls backstage. I saw her again that July for Pole for a Purpose and this time I was a little star-struck, but she was just as nice as she had been in March. We’d become Facebook friends in the meantime, and I loved watching her dance and see the ridiculous photos she posts.

My studio, Bittersweet Studios, hosted Sarah for a workshop in December 2012 soon after we opened. She taught me the beautiful mermaid side climb and swing around, which I put in my FPFC 2013 routine (I’m not too proud of that performance, but that’s life!). We competed in the same division, which was totally crazy to me. I’ve seen her only a handful of times due to the distance between Tampa and Jacksonville, but she and one of her instructors came to Bittersweet for our first anniversary party in November. We loved having their support, so we wanted to support them at their second anniversary party.

Three of us from Bittersweet drove down Saturday afternoon and the other two instructors I came with set up a lyra for their performance that evening. I had picked the song a few weeks earlier because it’s a fun song I know well, but I hadn’t put anything together for it at all. I normally have at least somewhat of an idea of what moves I’m going to throw in when I’m freestyling, but I hadn’t thought about this routine at all. I decided my starting position when I stood up to walk to the poles. I have no idea where I came up with some of the things I did, but oh well. It definitely would’ve been better if I’d practiced something beforehand, but it was fun and I had a great time!


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