Flawless – Beyonce

So between Say Something and Everybody Wants to Rule the World, I’ve been doing slower, more emotional dances recently. The Mating Game is a little sassy, but not quite sexy. It was time to put on my heels and be sexy! I actually did this song after a request from one of my students. I would never have picked it on my own, but I’m so glad I was challenged to put something together for it! I liked exploring different moves and rhythms that I normally don’t, and of course, it was fun to do some nice body rolls and sexy stomps. Another student took her shirt off as she walked at the beginning and I loved it, so we threw that in there too. Such a fun routine!

Unfortunately, YouTube wouldn’t post the video without me taking off the music, and when I uploaded it to Facebook, the sound wasn’t synchronized perfectly. It’s most noticeable when I drop to the floor and the thud of my heels is a second before I actually hit the floor, and at the end when our leg movements/hair flip seems late. It’s frustrating because there are some good hits with the music, but you can’t tell! Oh well.

Watch the video on Facebook here!

If you would rather watch it on YouTube in all its dubbed-over glory, or if you own the song and want to play it over the (muted) video, it’s posted below. The music begins around 2:02, or right when the speaker says “Feminist”. I love comments, constructive criticism, song suggestions… let me know what you think!


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