Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Lorde

You know those songs that are everywhere in the pole world? They have amazing beats and are great to dance to. The songs change over the months, and I always love seeing what comes next. I remember in the summer of 2011, it was The Dog Days of Summer by Florence and the Machine. See this amazing routine by Jenyne Butterfly at the International Pole Convention, where the studio at which I first started poling also used that song. More recently there’s been Crystallize by Lindsay Stirling, anything by Massive Attack, (Jenyne seems to be the common thread here: do the songs become popular after she uses them, or does she just pick great songs?), and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons (which I also did).

Since pole is still a relatively small world, we all end up watching the same videos and being inspired by the same music. I’ve definitely taken songs I’ve seen performed by stars such as Tracee Kafer and Sergia Louise Anderson to use in my poleography class. This last week was no different. I saw Tracee’s beautiful freestyle to this song from the Hunger Games soundtrack and knew I had to use it. I know there are other girls at my studio who love this song and it’s been taken for someone to use in the Florida Pole Fitness Championship. Lorde is definitely having a moment in the pole world right now!

I wanted this routine to evoke both brokenness and hopefulness. The beats are in somewhat odd places that are a little tricky to catch, but I think the class did a great job! The first part is choreographed and the second half is freestyled.


One thought on “Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Lorde

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