2014 Goals!

Some pole-related things I’m working on… (I’ll probably add some current pictures when I get them)

1. Right splits
I’ve had my left splits comfortably for years and have never gotten my right splits completely flat. I’m getting closer, but I would LOVE to feel as comfortable in my right splits as I do in my left. While I know that’s probably never going to happen, I still want to at least be able to sit in them.

2. Middle splits
Similar to my right splits: I’m getting closer, but they’re not quite there yet. I would love to have my aerial straddles much wider and be able to roll through the middle splits on the floor. I particularly would like to see a significant difference in my back straddles on the lyra, which just make me cringe right now.

3. 10″ left oversplits/easily opening into flat splits in the air
I have my left splits and a few inches of oversplit when I’m really nice and warm, but I’d like to consistently get a comfortable deep oversplit and be able to open into completely flat aerial splits. They’re close – probably about 170° – but I hate the almost-split look so much.

left aerial split

See? Almost, but not quite.

4. Regain back flexibility to the point where my right foot can touch my head again. I fell doing aerials back in September directly onto the middle of my back and I haven’t had the same back flexibility since. I have photographic proof that I could grab my right foot and touch it to my head in a single knee hang on the lyra from August. I just tried it again last week and I can’t even reach my foot. 😦 It’s frustrating, because I felt like I was making progress with my back flexibility and now I’m worse than when I first started. I see a lot of cobras in 2014…

5. Marion Amber
This move eludes me and it’s making me mad. I will get it!

6. More comfortable with off the pole dancing/floorwork
Like a lot of polers, I hold onto the pole like a safety blanket. I want to feel as natural dancing on the floor as I do on the pole and come up with some fun, unique, go-to dance/floor combos.

7. Aerial handspring
Like Marion Amber, I just can’t get this. Unlike the Marion Amber, I think this one is going to take a lot more work and strength-building.

It’s going to take work and time and forcing myself to do things like stretch on the floor when I’d rather curl up on the couch, but I really want to accomplish these. There are others I have floating around my brain, but I’m not brave enough to put them down on (electronic) paper yet. We’ll see what happens, but I’m excited for 2014!


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