Relax My Beloved – Alex Clare

Oh goodness, this class. I felt the need to include some more actual dancing into my routines and wanted to break out of the stuck-to-the-pole dancing I’m used to. So what do I do? I search YouTube for an easy contemporary dance routine and find this. Then I attempt to teach it to myself so I can teach my class. I didn’t do the whole routine, but took about half of it, with varying degrees of success. I made sure to tell my students that I found the routine online, so no one thought I was creative enough to come up with it myself! I would love to take a contemporary or lyrical dance class, but it’s a bit hard to find adult dance classes around here. There’s one I know of, but I’ve taken it before and got completely lost (it’s with a modern dance company and for the members, but it’s open to the public. I’ve been the only “public” there on the 2 occasions I attended.), so I haven’t been back. I need a real beginner class!

I did like some of the different movements and shapes of this little routine, but felt so much more comfortable when it came time to actually touch the pole. Hopefully I keep forcing myself to try new things though: it’s the only way to grow!


One thought on “Relax My Beloved – Alex Clare

  1. I’ve been entertaining the idea of attending that class for a while now. Would love to learn some new skills and choreo. If you’re open to going back we can be lost together!

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