Crave You – Flight Facilities

I love this song and, like most songs I create routines for, I would enjoy putting together a more involved routine with more tricks for it. This day, though, I had all beginners in my class and they were so uncomfortable with the dancing and performing aspect of pole that they wouldn’t even be in the video I did to remember the routine. I completely understand: pole dancing takes a certain amount of self-confidence and carefreeness that not everyone has. Especially if you don’t have a dance background, performing pole can be very intimidating and it can take a while to feel comfortable moving through a routine even just in class, much less with people or a video camera watching. Hopefully the more we do this, the more my students feel comfortable with performing, since that is the point of this class! So this one is just me, but I did have several girls in my class who learned it as well. Our goal that day was to work on making eye contact. In the video, I try to make eye contact as much as possible with the camera, but when we learn the routine in class, we are looking at the mirror so we just made eye contact with ourselves. It’s hard to think about and do while trying to remember the routine at the same time, but eye contact with the audience can make such a huge difference in a performance.


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