Give Us a Little Love – Fallulah

I watch a LOT of pole videos on YouTube. I’ve watched every single one from the 2012 USPDF championships and I use Pinterest to keep track of what moves I want to learn (pin a video, and in the caption section, put what time in the video the move you want to learn is). I’m learning more about what I like and do not like in terms of style, dance, and musicality, and I’ve found some great new songs that I enjoy dancing to. My absolute favorite piece of music from the 2012 USPDF competition is Fallulah’s Give Us a Little Love, which Tracee Kafer performed to. I really enjoyed her performance and how well she danced to the music. Sometimes I feel like the performers are going through a routine they have while music happens to play, instead of actually performing to the music. Again, I love this music and I want to put together a full routine to it with more floor and dance elements, but here’s a choreographed-on-the-spot version. Again, I put together the routine without having the music playing, so not everything lines up perfectly, but I think this one goes better with the song than the last routine I did. Let me know what you think!


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