One More Night – Maroon 5

This is one of my favorite routines so far. It’s fun, pretty simple to learn, but doesn’t look boring or repetitive. (I hope!) This is one of the first routines where I put together a combination on my right side – my natural-feeling, “good” side – and then repeated the combination on my left side. I really think it’s important to work both sides so our “good” side doesn’t get stronger and our “bad” side doesn’t get weaker. It’s still hard for me to translate simple moves – step-around, spin-up, fan kick – to my left side. During this filming, we also found out it’s hard just to turn around and face the other side of the room! We normally face the mirrors but due to lighting reasons, we faced the other direction and we found that simply facing the other direction confused us. It’s good to change things up and make our brains work hard! My camera also ran out of memory so the end of the routine was cut off, but the majority of the choreography was recorded.


2 thoughts on “One More Night – Maroon 5

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